National Artist Teacher Fellowship


NATF Application Guidelines and Deadlines:

Thank you for your interested in The National Artist Teacher Fellowship Program. Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to accept applications for the NATF program. We would like to thank The Surdna Foundation for their tireless efforts to support the program. Thank you also to all of the NATF/SATF Fellows and schools who have participated in the program and created a lasting legacy.

Please click on link to view our NATF-2015 Brochure!

The NATF application process has two steps:

Step 1: Letter of Intent

Applicants visit our website to submit LOI’s online along with an attached resume or curriculum vitae (please do not include work samples).

The Letter of Intent to Apply must provide the following information:

  • A specific description of the applicant’s professional artistic goal(s) and how the applicant will reach that goal(s) with the proposed project.
  • A description of the proposed fellowship project, including the specific relationship to the applicant’s current professional artistic work, needs, and artistic investigations.*
  • The anticipated future connection of this fellowship to the applicant’s work with students as well as professional artistic life outside of school.

Please be sure to include: the name and description of program(s) the candidate plans to attend (with short bios and names of lead artists or artist/teachers if possible), and/or organizations or mentors the candidate plans to work with, along with a projected time-frame. Independent study projects towards completion of a specific body of work are accepted, but applicants should include how this will connect them to other professionals and current trends in their field.

*We hope that the process of creating a National Artist Teacher Fellowship proposal will help you better understand your artistic process, plan a desired program of study, and assess your current professional artistic needs. Please be realistic and specific in letting us know how the proposed project will help you attain them!

Please note that faxed, mailed or e-mailed LOI applications will not be accepted.

Step 2:  Final Applications

Following a review of the Letters of Intent, a select number of candidates will be invited to submit a final application. Finalists will be asked to submit a full project description, project budget and all available supporting materials (including notification of venue acceptances and mentor letters).


Candidates will demonstrate their excellence as both artists and teachers during the application process. They will be reviewed on the strength of their artistic accomplishments, the potential of their artistic revitalization project to help them achieve professional artistic goals, and the willingness of their schools to engage in post-fellowship activities.

Please direct all NATF inquiries to: Adriane Brayton, Program Coordinator,, or phone: Work (617) 635-6470 ext. 312. Cell (617)842-5004.

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